About Us

“Music & dogs are the best healers.”  Nirnay Acharya

Learn Guitar Online was founded in 2020 by husband and wife team Andrew & Stacey Morrison. Andrew has been teaching guitar, writing, producing, and recording music for over 35 years. Stacey is the owner of Beach City Design, a design and marketing company based in Long Beach California.

“We started Learn Guitar Online to simplify the process of learning how to play the guitar. We feel that the best way of learning a musical instrument is to have a one on one lesson each week with your own personal guitar coach. Our mission is for you to learn the guitar in a fun and relaxed atmosphere in your own home.” In 2020 we saw the world changing and we wanted to change too. Think of us as your local mom & pop store, but instead of walking through the front door we’ll meet you online. 

In addition to guitar, Learn Guitar Online also teaches piano, voice, bass guitar, ukulele, mandolin, and banjo.

Andrew and Stacey live in Long Beach California. They are proud parents of three dogs – Schroeder a 16-year-old Border Collie, Franklin a 16-year-old Terrier mix, and Smokey Joe an 8-year-old Chihuahua mix.

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