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Why Choose Learn Guitar Online?

What makes Learn Guitar Online better than other online guitar lessons?

One advantage of Learn Guitar Online is that all of our lessons are live with your own personal teacher. Many online guitar lesson websites don’t offer any live lessons but have a series of instructional videos. Many of their instructional videos are great but we feel that nothing can replace a live teacher. Our live teachers are a great source of encouragement and feedback. They will be your guide through learning chords, strumming, songs, tabs, riffs, and solos. They will show you proper techniques to help you become a better guitarist!

Can I learn how to play guitar by just going to YouTube and reading tabs without ever taking lessons?

Of Course, but guitar is a vast subject. For most people it’s hard to know where to begin. Self-taught guitarists usually have a family member or somebody else that taught them stuff for free. Many successful self-taught guitarists grew up playing other musical instruments. Without taking any lessons a beginner can easily get frustrated and overwhelmed. A weekly lesson with a live teacher will keep you focused on your goal even on the weeks where you didn’t get much practicing done.

Is it better to take lessons at a local music store?

Really it’s a matter of convenience. We feel that you can learn guitar just as easily over Zoom or FaceTime. Getting yourself or your child to the music store each week can sometimes be a challenge. Weather conditions, traffic, and conflicting schedules can all be obstacles to learning. We believe that consistent weekly lessons and daily practice is the best way to learn.

Can I take my lessons with a friend or family member?

Absolutely! Family members or a friend are welcome to join you in your lessons at anytime at no additional charge. Parents are also welcome to sit in on the lesson or even record the lesson at anytime.

What styles of music do you teach?

Here at Learn Guitar Online our teachers teach all styles of music – rock, pop, blues, country, folk, metal, jazz, classical, alternative, indie etc…

Can I learn to play the songs that I like?

Of course! Here at Learn Guitar Online are teachers can show you how to play any song. If we don’t already know how to play it we can listen to it and show you the chords and the main riffs. Our goal is to keep you excited and playing the music that you love!

How will I remember later what my teacher showed me during the lesson?

Our teachers can show you songs, chords, scales, tabs, and riffs on their desktop by using the share screen function in Zoom. At the end of each lesson all the materials will be emailed to you. You can also text or email your teacher any questions you might have throughout the week.

Can I meet my teacher first before committing to a month of lessons?

Absolutely! You can set up a time to meet your teacher online and discuss your goals and their method of teaching before scheduling or paying for any lessons.

Do I have to learn to read music?

Reading music is not necessary to start learning the guitar. All of our teachers can teach you to read music but the main focus for a beginning student is to learn the basic chords. Changing between chords and strumming is the foundation of most songs on the guitar and doesn’t involve any music reading. As you become more advanced you will see that reading music can greatly improve your overall understanding of how music works.

How long does it take to learn to play the guitar?

It really depends upon how much you practice. We recommend that a beginning student practices ½ hour per day. Within a few weeks/months of taking lessons you will be able to change between the basic chords and play some simple songs. There are thousands of popular songs that have only 3 to 4 chords.

As you become more advanced you may find yourself wanting to play and practice the guitar for hours each day. The more that you learn, you will see how much more there is to still learn. Playing guitar can be a lifetime of learning and improving!

Are there any books I need to buy?

Our teachers mostly work from their own materials. Occasionally our teachers may suggest a book but your lessons are individualized and custom made for you.

Can you teach me to write my own music?

Absolutely! Most of our teachers write and record their own music and have albums released on iTunes, Spotify etc… For our teachers songwriting is a passion and they would love to help you unlock your creativity!

I’m an intermediate to advanced player. Do you teach music theory?

Yes! Many guitarists have played by ear for years but don’t really understand the basic mechanics of how music works. Sometimes in only a few lessons our teachers can show you things that could’ve taken a lifetime to figure out!

Am I too old to learn to play the guitar?

This is a huge misconception adults have about learning something new. No you are not too old to learn to play the guitar! We don’t believe that a teenager learns to play guitar any better than a senior. The difference is that teenagers aren’t telling themselves it can’t be done. They aren’t afraid try something new while making mistakes.

If you are willing to take lessons and practice each day you can become a great guitarist regardless of your age! Most guitarists learn the majority of what they know in the first few years of playing.

Is my child too young to play the guitar?

We recommend guitar lessons from 6 years of age and older. We’ve taught students younger than age 6 who have done well but we recommend younger students start on a ukulele. A ukulele is similar to the guitar but much smaller and easier for little fingers to make chords. All of our guitar teachers also teach ukulele! As your child grows it will be a natural and easy transition to learning the guitar.

Do you teach musical instruments other than guitar?

Yes! In addition to acoustic and electric guitar, we teach piano, voice, ukulele, bass guitar, banjo, and mandolin. Most of our teachers play and teach multiple musical instruments.

I don’t have a guitar yet. Do you have any suggestions?

Please read our section on the website about choosing a guitar.


How much do you charge for lessons?

Do you automatically charge my credit card each month?

What if I have to miss a lesson? Do I have to sign anything?

All of these questions are answered in our simple and straightforward student policy along with our pricing.



We hope this helps you in your search for Online Guitar Lessons!

Please feel free to email us any of your questions at howto@learnguitaronline.com

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Andrew Morrison,
Learnguitaronline.com  (co-founder)